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Sentry Solutions Gear Care Kit - Field Grade New

Sentry Solutions Gear Care Kit - Field Grade New

$ 26.99

Sentry Solutions Gear Care Kit - Field Grade. Body armor for your gear! Oil free performance. Clean, lubricate, protect and sharpen. Kit contains (1) Tuf-Cloth 12x12. Dry bonded non-toxic protection. Stops rust, acts as a waterproof shield, displaces moisture. Self-cleaning barrier - won't attract dirt or stain clothes. Removes fingerprints. Long lasting lint-free protection good for 100's of uses. Tested & Used by Navy SEALS. Endorsed worldwide; (1) Tuf-Glide 0.25 oz, Superior oil free lubrication and protection in any temperature. Repels dirt. Stops rust. Pinpoint application for hard to reach places. Blade® Knife Accessory of the Year; (1) Gatco® super micro sharpener. Four rods - two fine/white, two medium/dark. Slip resistant grip pads. Great for all blades, even serrated. Preset sharpening angle. Also includes durable lint-free cleaning tool to reach nook and crannies. Stores in metal tin.Weight: 0.3lbs

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