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Klarus FT30 Red Filter for XT30 Flashlight New

Klarus FT30 Red Filter for XT30 Flashlight New

$ 11.95

The Klarus FT30 Filter is a high quality glass filter lens fitted with an elastic silicone frame that alters the light of your favorite tactical LED lighting products. The filter fits snugly over the bezel of any light whose bezel measures roughly 58mm, and is fitted with a metal ring that can be attached to a lanyard to make sure it can't be lost. The filters are available in red, green, and blue, and each color filter has its own unique functionality.

Red filters are often used for emergency situations as a warning light, or as a traffic signal in a pinch. They are also commonly used as a hunting light since red light is less likely to scare game away. Red light is also efficient at piercing through fog and smoke.

Green filters are primarily used for late night activities such as hunting or hiking. Green light enhances night vision and is excellent for reading maps in the dark, and is popular for use in covert military operations.

Blue filters excel at blood tracking and are incredibly useful for hunters. Blue colored light also penetrates water better than other types of light, making it a preferred form of light for night fishing.


  • Tempered glass lens
  • Elastic silicone frame
  • Metal lanyard ring
  • Fits any light with a 58mm bezel diameter
  • Available in red, green, and blue

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