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Hardcore Hardware BFT01-G Tactical Tomahawk Tan

Hardcore Hardware BFT01-G Tactical Tomahawk Tan

$ 395.00

Our Tactical Tomahawk is designed for a multitude of applications dependant on situational requirements and is designed for the extreme end of hardcore use as an impact/MOE tool. The spike at the business end of things has a modified tanto point specifically designed for maximum penetration. Its pommel has a chisel point designed for prying.

Some of the tasks we expect you'll use our BFT for include the following: chopping, hammering, digging, cutting, as a climbing aid, defeating locks, smashing windows & windscreens and raking out their frames, puncturing steel radial tires, smashing steel clad doors, and breaking through walls including those made of brick.

The BFT is constructed from D2 Tool Steel, has a robust black teflon coating and has either a G-10 or shock absorbing para-cord wrap handle, which can be provided in a choice of colours. The para-cord wrap on our BFT has been coated with a proprietary acrylic solution to ensure that is does not move even under the most rigorous use. This solution does not impede the practical use of the cord, if removed for use, in a survival situation.



  • Overall Length:  18.46"
  • Axe Edge Width: 3.46"
  • Spike Width: .55"
  • Tool Material: D2 Tool Steel w/ Tan Teflon Finish, 50 - 55 HRC
  • Tool Thickness: .31"
  • Handle Material: G-10
  • Handle Color: Desert Brown
  • Weight: 2 Lb. 8.56 Oz.

Carry System:

  • Kydex Speed Scabbard w/ MOLLE Lock and Tek-Lok
  • Color: Coyote
  • Primary Attachment: MOLLE System
  • Blade Retention: Velcro/Press Stud

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