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Edge Pro 2000 Grit Pack of 15 Polishing Tape

Edge Pro 2000 Grit Pack of 15 Polishing Tape

$ 10.00

For the longest lasting edge use Polish tapes to create an ultra high mirror like finish. They require a polish tape blank, either aluminum or glass are available, and have their own adhesive backing - just peel and stick. Polish tapes can sharpen approximately 5 - 10 edges before they need to be replaced - depending upon usage and blade size. This polish tape is 9 micron

  • 1 pack of 15 6000 grit tapes
  • Each tape lasts 5-10 sessions depending on usage
  • Requires either a aluminum or glass blank to mount and use with your Edge Pro
  • Peel and Stick Adhesive
  • 1x6 inches

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