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There are a lot of other companies out there right now which make pens as accessories. Nice little anodized trinkets to complement their product line or extend their market reach in addition to their core competency.
At Tuff-Writer, we just make one thing... pens. 
In fact we make the best tactical pens on the market. This is our core competency. Then we let the watch makers make the watches, because that's their core competency. 
Here at Tuff-Writer we understand that people often depend on their tools for their lives. That precisely why we make the world's toughest pens and import the world's toughest watches. 
Before you buy a Tuff-Writer or ArmourLite, we spend literally months testing it, carrying it and generally abusing it. That's why through freezing cold, intense heat and the harshest conditions you're likely to find yourself in, our products will prevail so that you can prevail.