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Dull Knife Terminator at SharperNow.com specializes in selling fixed blade and folding knives, as well as Hardcore Hardware Australia tactical tomahawks and knives. We also have other critical survival, hiking, camping, and backpacking gear online available for order.

At SharperNow.com, we are known for our wide selection of fixed blade knives. We carry great brands as Darrel Ralph, Hardcore Hardware Australia, Spartan Blades, Medford Knife & Tool, White River Knife & Tool, ESEE Knives, TOPS Knives, and the best folding knives on the internet. We are also the exclusive home of the Dull Knife Terminator system. In addition to our popular knives, however, the SharperNow.com team is dedicated to bringing our clients all of the most critical survival gear online from Wise Foods, to Snugpak and NdUR. If you’re ready to outfit your home and your family for whatever disaster may strike, you need to browse all of the categories in our store. We offer everything from high-quality flashlights to first aid kits to water treatment options. No matter what you’re preparing for, SharperNow.com is sure to have all of the supplies you need.